This is a nationwide competition amongst all MBCA Sections. We thank the National Board of Director for the recognition.


Here an overview of our efforts and reasoning.

  • Over the past couple years we have invested to develop and adopt a communication platform with a uniform look and feel across the media to improve brand recognition, simplify the ability to replicate messages and to make it user friendly.
  • Our STARlite newsletter is composed as a structured email using ConstantContact and is sent to a set of actively maintained member lists including that comprises not only our Section members but also sponsors MB-Canada staff MBCA national Business office and various subgroups and neighboring Sections
  • The layout has been recently updated to reflect the current trend in email communication to be more graphic driven. The audience sees a quick graphic representation of our past and upcoming events. This enticed them to click a picture to read the full article rather than have to read the email newsletter in its entirety.
  • All full articles are at the same time hosted on our website in the News section. This also saves the editor to have to recreate content for the numerous different medias a Section typically utilizes (website, newsletter, Facebook, national website).
  • Sending the user to the website to allow for a more rich and multimedia experience i.e. the newsletter can contain video.
  • We can measure on the ConstantContact site on the read rate and the click through rate on articles to gain some insight on interests.

We thank Webmaster Peter Spitzer and Section President Harald von Langsdorff and for the design, implementation and editing of our STARlite e-newsletter.