The 2015 Stars of the Autobahn was held at Chudleigh’s Farm in Milton and this special event had the largest recent participation of 36 cars and 63 MBCA members and families that reflected the community and family theme.  Highlighting a stunning mix of classic and performance Mercedes ranging from Pagoda’s to AMG powerhouses.

Co-sponsored by Chudleigh’s whose trademark amazing apple blossom desserts are available across North America in stores and in premier restaurants, our event had an optimal location.  Playground for families to enjoy, reserved parking for the fabulous cars, and lunch including special desserts for all.  In addition numerous photographers were onsite to stage and capture pictures of the event.

The SOTA – Stars of the Autobahn features trophies by popular vote in 6 categories plus a Directors choice and a sponsor’s choice.

Chudleigh’s Choice award which was selected by Luke Chudleigh an aspiring Formula One driver and his father Scott went to Norbert Egli’s magnificent 1970 250C coupe which he has owned since new and had his first attendance to the launch of the Toronto Section 24 years ago. Luke Chudleigh has been documenting his adventurers in Europe in the feature film “Braking Point” (password: screening) in achieving his dream of being a Formula 1 driver.

New members Allan and Darlene Leader joined us for the first time and the honor to select the Directors Choice award which went to Harald von Langsdorff for his 1969 300SEL 6.3 sedan.

The event but also attracted the attention of one of Canada’s national newspapers the National Post.  John Geist’s 1966 230SL will be getting some special attention from the National Post in upcoming automotive editions for his restoration in memory of Mike Stanek of Euromotion Garage who passed away recently. It was his last restoration before his passing and he will be missed by many members.

After a lunch of corn on the cob, a selection of BBQ and the feature deserts of Chudleigh’s apple blossoms and key lime pie, members selected the People’s Choice Awards winners for the following categories. The temperature was pushing 30 Celsius so large quantities of lemonade and other drinks were consumed.


Pre 1975 Sedan First Place Paul Rosen 1970 250
Second Place Harald von Langsdorff 1969 300SEL 6.3
Post 1975 Sedan First Place Peter & Jessica Spitzer and Joyce & Nathan Hughes 2010 E63 AMG
Second Place Tim Fung 2010 C63 AMG
Pre 1975 Coupe First Place Doug Dees 1969 280SE Coupe
Second Place D Jovo 1971 250 Coupe
Post 1975 Coupe First Place Richard Calingasan CLS 550
Second Place Daniel Iampietro CL 550
Pre 1975 Cabriolet First place Marcus and Diana van Bers 1966 230SL
Second Place John Geist 1966 230SL
Post 1975 Cabriolet First place Richard and Mariela Kunst SL63 AMG
Second Place Tony Brenders  SLK55 AMG










Special thanks to the staff at Chudleigh’s for the great food and service,  to all the members and friends helping for their hard work in organizing and supporting this event as the biggest ever.

Check out the great pictures on our Gallery.