The Toronto Section held its 7th annual Tech Session on April 21st, put on by Mercedes-Benz Canada at their Toronto training facility near Pearson airport.  54 participants attended this event hosted by Arden Nerling, Events Manager of Mercedes-Benz Canada. The presentation of the new technology in the new Hybrid GLC 350e, CLS,  G-Wagen, C-Class facelift and 2019 S-Class was done by Derrick Tan, Sales Trainer at the Training Academy, with the assistance of Lucas from Corporate Communications. 

These new cars have more speed and technology than ever, to keep ahead of the competition. Innovations include a pebbled undercarriage sheet intended to reduce wind friction, and 64 different colours in mood lighting combinations for the interiors. As well, hot stone massage seats and inflatable side bolsters when going around corners are available. It was great to watch the current Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR at the motor speedway track in Virginia working the 9G-TRONIC gearbox .

Hybrid is the new technology, including the Burmester sound systems in many models. We also looked at the current ceramic brake disc technology, ceramic drive shafts and the new 9 speed automatic transmission with an internal electric motor, which can recharge the lithium battery in the car so it can run electric in the city, and gas or a combination on the highway. A demonstration on how to charge your Hybrid GLC 350e makes charging as easy as plugging in your tea kettle.

We even learned why sub woofers are now in the firewall and frame members, as opposed to the doors to provide extra airspace to make them more effective, and why doors are offset slightly to enable their opening in the event of a serious accident.

The apple and blue berry strudel as well as the pretzels were delivered and the writer admits to eating 2 of them, but there were none to take home.

Some new members and guests were present, as well as many familiar faces that have enjoyed the previous events, including members from the Mercedes-Benz Club of Canada. Doug Dees introduced the Vice Presidents of the Mercedes-Benz Club of Canada Yves Gosselyn and Robert Krech and Media Director Rubin Howard of MBCA Toronto Section. Paul Henshall provided an update on Harald von Langsdorff’s adventures at the Baden Baden Rally and the upcoming Great Race from Buffalo NY to Halifax NS, where Harald will be driving his 1972 450SLC. This meeting provided the new members not only to ask questions about the new technology, but also to ask existing members about their recent classic car purchases and share information.

The warm spring sunshine kept some of the members outside during the break to look at the latest acquisitions of their fellow members and to share stories.

The draws for a Mercedes-Benz expresso set and AMG mugs were well between presentations, resulting in smiling faces. Those that didn’t win a grand prize of an expresso set received a complimentary Mercedes-Benz Motorsport hat.

Many thanks to Arden and Mercedes-Benz Canada for their hospitality in hosting this event.

Doug Dees

Toronto Section