Parry Sound Trip

May 25, Sunday morning, it could not have been a better day.  After a brutally long and harsh winter and still cold and wet May it cleared up over the weekend and was a stunning day.  Mid 20’s and clear was the perfect day for a cruise from the GTA to Parry Sound for lunch.  Seems like the younger AMG crowd and some of the V12’s cruised at a different speed than the classics – or “vintage” as the crowed so kindly referred to anything more then 5 years old 🙂

The group left from the Colossus theater in Woodbridge and gathered a few along the way up Highway 400 towards Parry Sound.  In Parry Sound we gathered at the harbor front displaying the 20 cars that made it all the way. After some Pizza lunch we got a closer look at the machinery varying all the way back from a ’66 230SL to an over 800 HP supercharged C63.  John with much pride showed his 230SL Pagoda in near perfect shape while Michael showed his RenTech 7.4L V12.

The way back was just as pleasant and as the group dispersed after lunch some chose a mix with some country road on the way back home.  A fun day out with the Mercedes Benz Club of America Toronto Section.