It was our last Advanced Driving School of this year.  The weekend starting with rain and while clearing up it was a pretty chilly weekend. With wet conditions the event started with cautious driving and and there is lots of learning when it is slippery out. It did dry out but never turned into nice weather till Sunday afternoon.  But fall weather aside it turned into a great experience of class room, practice and track sessions.  As usual the Trillium is organized and stays on schedule – rain or shine.  We would like to thank them for a fantastic year of working together and providing an opportunity of such a great set of events.

To all interested for next year; email me so we can gauge participation and interest level.  This type of event surely is a fantastic gift for any car enthusiast or just to yourself 🙂

The MBCA Toronto Section joined the BMW Trillium Chapter for the sold out 3rd  2014 Advanced Driving School at Mosport. The weekend starting with rain and clearing up to mild sunny days were the perfect conditions we were gifted for this hands on driver event.  With wet conditions the event started with cautious driving and learning alternate lines. As it cleared up it turned into a fantastic weekend of class room, practice and track sessions.  Since it was a sold out event the track sessions were fairly busy providing good experience for “situational awareness” and passing etiquette yet plenty of space to experience the car’s performance.