Stars of the Autobahn has been rolled into our Family Outing at Chudleigh’s August 16, 2015. The event will be at Chudleigh’s Apple Farm just off highway 25 north of Milton.  For more event details please go to the Event Section.

There will be trophies in 6 categories including Sedans, Coupes and Cabriolets split in Pre and Post 1975 groups. There will also be a “Director’s cut” and “Chudleigh’s Choice”

When arriving please register and get a Car ID (one per car) plus a voting card (one per person).  Please follow this mapChudleighs Location map once you get there.

Any help is always welcome; as you know this is a club event and all effort is on volunteer basis.

We have a photographer onsite for professional quality and post processed pictures of your car (and you if you like).  Since this is staged we will try to park so we can move cars to the staging.  Also means please be available when we get to your car.  Or let us know if you have no interest in this.

Finally in case anybody missed Luke Chudleigh’s TV airing of “Braking Point” we have special access to the Vimeo link and see it online.  PCs and tablets as well as most smart TVs / TV Boxes support this.  Here is the link and the password is “screening”.

Please remember that we have a special for our membership drive.  If you have a friend that has a MB and would be interested in joining please bring them, give them one of our promotional flyer or just send them straight to this Promo Registration Page.

If you have not registered yet, please see the events link.

We will see each other at the Event.