Pagoda in the Rockies

I finally got to put some kilometres on my son Oliver’s 1969 280SL in the Canadian Rockies in August despite the threat of fire and smoke. As I had not driven the car since 2011, I decided to put up the hardtop instead of the convertible top because of my concern for flying embers, however in the process of putting the soft top down I jammed it. I had forgotten that there are 2 chrome levers that allow the top to come unjammed. A frantic phone call to Dan Caron at Benz Barn resolved the problem and after topping up the clutch fluid and Power steering fluid, Maria and I were on our way to Canmore, Revelstoke and Vernon BC.

Having a four speed manual was ideal for the mountain driving as I was able to outrun anyone on the twisty curves and enjoy the vineyards of the Okanagan Valley. We highly recommend the 50th Parallel and Grey Monk Vineries for food and wine tasting.

My grandson Jaxson is enamoured by the Pagoda so before leaving for the mountains he was allowed to sit in the front seat on his booster seat to go for gas and ice cream while listening to Johnnie Cash on the CD player.

This car was originally delivered to Italy with a kinder seat  then shipped to California  and then came to Canada. It has made a return trip on Route 66 and now resides in Calgary and its future will be argued over by my 2 grand daughters and my grandson.

Doug Dees

Toronto Section