Welcome to our new MBCA Toronto Section Forum – sort of.

Internet forums (aka discussion or message boards) are a great way to have ongoing debate, ask questions, find information and share ideas on a common topic – in our case Mercedes-Benz – instantly. However, with so many car related forums online you are confronted with too many choices and no time to read or interact in all of them.

As you may know, the MBCA has the National Forum. Here the club discusses many Mercedes-Benz and club related topics as well as technical information.  However the national forum does not address local regions and Sections.

Many of you will also know PureMB. In fact, many local MBCA members including myself are frequenting their message board. Richard Calingasan our webmaster is also a driving force behind PureMB. While not a “traditional” car club, i.e. they do not have a formal structure,  printed magazine or direct association with MB of Canada, PureMB has nevertheless created a strong internet presence for themselves in Ontario and the GTA.
For this reason the Toronto Section has decided that rather than to reinvent the wheel and host yet another Mercedes discussion board for the GTA, to join forces with the PureMB forum. In addition, we are optimistic that our presence there will attract a new group of young enthusiasts to become interested in our Section and activities.

From now on you will be able to quickly connect with two forums from our website:

We will be using the Toronto Section Sub-Forum to interact not only with our own Section members but also other Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts in the GTA.

So please, we invite you to go the National Forum  as well as the  Toronto Section Sub-Forum a.s.a.p. and try them for yourself. We also encourage you to read through other posts there and chip in when – where – and whatever comes to your mind relating to our favorite brand – Mercedes-Benz – the best automobiles in the world.


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Canadian International Auto Show... @ Canadian International Auto Show - MB Visit
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