Finally, the stars are aligning.
I am able to check off another item of my (still very long) bucket list – European Delivery.
April 2nd, I will pick up my new GLA 45AMG in Sindelfingen close to Stuttgart, Germany
For a few years, I have been yearning to do this. But either the model I wanted was not available for European delivery or the timing was just not right. You see, to be eligible for European Delivery the model has to be actually built in Germany. So for example ML Class cars do not qualify. Which makes sense as they would need to ship the car from their US factory in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to Germany just so you ship it back after the trip. Also, AMG models are typically not available either.
However, the new GLA 45 AMG is built in Rastatt, Germany and is included in the program. So with this information in my hand off I went to my Mercedes dealer. I choose M-B Durham in Whitby as I met one of their sales people Rick Hallam at their AMG driving school at Mosport last year. Also, Bentley Hammer, the President of this privately owned dealership is a very strong supporter of our MBCA Toronto Section. After some phone calls back and forth with Cory Williams @M-B Durham, M-B Canada and M-B Germany my order was placed.

So what exactly is European Delivery? Simply spoken it means that you buy your new Mercedes here in Canada but pick it up at the factory in Germany, drive it around Europe (up to a year for export law reasons) at the end of your trip drop it off at a designated location in Europe (there are a dozen or so in almost every European country) and about 6 weeks later take possession again at your local Canadian dealership.
Some Pro/Cons to consider:
Car is a few % cheaper this way, one can save more money by not needing a rental car, Germany and Europe are great vacation destinations, first class Mercedes-Benz delivery service and facilities. The Autobahn!
Limited model selection available, car needs to be paid up front – no financing or leasing possible (at least not in the Canadian program), you won’t have the car for some weeks while in transit.

Details are available here: Canadian European Delivery
Further information can be found by a simple web search. The M-B USA and many of their individual dealers have great info. Some of the best I found was at: http://www.mbeuropeandelivery.com/index.php. However, one has to keep in mind that the Canadian program varies in many aspects from the US counterpart. Again I am not sure why. So do your homework before you commit.
As I stated above, it was on my wish list and worked very well for me as I planned my European delivery around our annual Family Easter trip to Germany.
In addition, this year Doug Dees, Peter Spitzer, John Geist and Steve McKelvie, all MBCA members, will also travel to Germany for various reasons and we all will gang up over there for some classic car days, cultural & culinary education and family activities.

We will keep you posted about our adventures and experiences in the upcoming STARlite.

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