by John Geist
The event that I attended 2015 broke attendance records of 700 cars, both my friend Gerry with his Cobra and my Mercedes 230Sl were registered early in the spring for the show.
After a beautiful scenic country drive to Creemore, we arrived early but not early enough for Parking in key locations on main st. The day was very hot and sunny, there were many activities for families from Horse wagon rides, Creemore Springs Brewery , visiting the old Heritage home and small Jail , all free incl. Beer Samplers of course must be of age. Roads in and around Creemore are closed to traffic so you can take a leisurely walk without any worries from vehicle traffic. There are also many locations to eat or seek shelter from the heat, hope the weather will be the same this year. Judging categories, Best Family Car , Best 3 Wheels or less, Organizers Choice, Brewmaster’s Choice, Peoples Choice & Best of the Best,¬†trophies are all custom hand crafted.
The best were the beautiful cars located in scenic historic settings of Creemore.
Just another note that Creemore Springs Brewery uses German Hops from Bamberg and Yeast using the European Brewing Tradition .


After all the winners announcements around 5pm we took a beautiful drive on the Niagara Escarpment starting at Creemore through Dunedin , Singhampton , Stayner and Home.
What a beautiful drive.
Registration for pre-1990 vehicles for this event is required and early arrival if parking on the main street is recommended around 5-6am.
The event organizers told us if 5 or more cars from a club register we get parking adjacent to each other.
For more details on event as well as registration go to Copper Kettle Classics website here:
If you are interested to attend within the Mercedes Club group please contact John Geist


John Geist