Last weekend, Section President Harald von Langsdorff participated in the inaugural Brack Classic Hill Climb close to Owen Sound. Here is his report.

A brief video incl one of my hot runs can be found here.

To my knowledge there has not been a hill climb in Ontario for at least 50 years.

One of the main reasons for the organizer Bob DeShane was to rejuvenate the idea of a hill climbs in Ontario. For whatever political, socio-economic or ecological reasons, this racing activity has been absent on the motor sport calendar for too long.

The new event coincides well with the Cobble Beach Concours d’Elegance, held close by on the shores of Georgian Bay which is now in its fourth year.  In fact, the Cobble Beach organizers offered preferred entrance and exhibit space for all hill climb cars.  The Cobble Beach event promotes itself off the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance saying that it has “larger stones”.

Bob is to be applauded to be able to unite local municipalities, sponsors, media and the neighboring public to support this project. The least of his worries were the competitors, who were eager to attend this reinvented motorsports event.

A hill climb is basically as race up a hill, against the clock, one car at the time.

There was a wide variety of cars and motorcycles that entered this hill climb event in six categories.

  1. Vintage Cars (Pre 1963) V
  2. Historic Cars (1963 – 1972) H
  3. Historic Motorcycles (1963 – 1972) HM
  4. Classic Cars (1973 – 1989) C
  5. Modern Cars (Post 1989) M
  6. Modern Motorcycles (Post 1972)

Modern Class was a late addition and allowed me to participate in my GLA45.

With just 1.15km the hill climb was not too long. The course had a mild climb, some over the crest and off camber corners and a chicane of hay bales.  We had each one practice and 4 timed runs. These times were accumulated to determine the class and over-all winner.


Hill Climbs Have Been Long Missing From Ontario Motorsports


My 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA AMG









Some Cars Waiting To Run Up The Hill








A McLaren CanAm Car At The Hill Climb








Chevy Big Block Power, Quite a sight and sound to behold! That is a very serious race car, but it could not match the speed of the GLA45 (on this day).








Wet/Damp Conditions With Slick Tires And Power Would Make For An Interesting Ride









This Race Car Looks Like It Would Be Fast







Inglis Falls Gave It’s Name To The Hill Climb









As you see, there were some very powerful cars in the lineup. However, powerful alone does not win a hill climb. It needs a good combination of acceleration, braking, handling, consistency and a wee bit of driving skills.

In my case, the combination seems to have been just right on this day. Having a modern all-wheel drive car certainly helped on this rainy day.

During the course of the day, the organizers, participants, elected officials and locals were all, thrilled, educated, amazed, breathless and highly entertained and left hopeful that this new event will thrive in the future and that the weather will be a little better next time.

More information including pictures, videos and a very complimenting mentioning of your truly find here.

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