The Toronto section held its 4th annual Tech Session put on Mercedes-Benz Canada on April 18th at their Toronto training facility near Pearson airport.  46 participants attended this event hosted by Arden Nerling, Events Manager of Mercedes-Benz Canada. The presentation of the new technology in the AMG SL, S Class coupe and C 63 was done by Derrick Tan, Sales Trainer at the Training Academy with the assistance of Rob Takacs, Corporate Sponsorships & Event Marketing Project Leader of Mercedes-Benz Canada. These new cars are packed with the new superior technology at a similar price to the same model 15 years ago, clearly demonstrating the added value of the new technology.S65 Engine description

The apple and blue berry strudel as well as the pretzels were delivered in a red AMG GT by Arden, who admitted he was tempted to race an upstart Mustang who challenged him on the way to pick up our morning treats but better judgment prevailed and he ignored the challenge, knowing that if he was caught racing, he would miss his own presentation.AMG GTS

Some new members were present as well as many familiar faces that have enjoyed the previous events. Harald von Langsdorff, recently coming back from his Stuttgart adventure and Baden-Classics car rally presented the upcoming year events. This meeting provided the new members not only to ask questions about the latest technology such as the aluminum frame on the AMG GT but also to ask existing members about their recent classic car purchases and share information.

The warm spring sunshine kept some of the members outside during the break to look at the latest acquisitions of their fellow members and to share stories.

The draws for a 1:16 scale AMG GT and a Mercedes Formula 1 wall clock between presentations resulted in smiling faces and those that didn’t win a grand prize received a complimentary Mercedes-Benz ballpoint pen.

Many thanks to Arden and Mercedes-Benz Canada for their hospitality in hosting this event.