DSC06902The Toronto Section met on February 19th for a private viewing of the new models arriving for 2016. Arden Nerling of Mercedes-Benz Canada was our host for the evening and shared with us information on the organization and new layout of the displays for this year’s show which included specialty designed extruded lighted aluminum bars that formed the backdrop of the Mercedes-Benz display.

Arden also explained how this new display custom built for Toronto was assembled and disassembled for use next year. There will also be a virtual video tour for those that missed the Toronto show on the Mercedes-Benz Canada website. The cars were arranged by colour with the AMG cars in white and the E class cars in blue

On display was the new four wheel drive Sprinter class that was built in Germany. Mercedes-Benz Canada works with customizers to outfit these vehicles from rolling workshops to motor homes.

The new S class coupe was also on display that featured a beautiful exterior that highlighted the new design features of the S Class models. As thes cars are unique and very desirable, the resulting waiting list is long

There was as well as a display of the AMG vehicles which are very 20150219_182804popular including the new AMG GT S coupe in a bright red for a new price of $149,900. Features include AMG performance seats in Nappa leather,Blind Spot Assist, LED High performance headlamps and Burmeister surround sound.

For those that enjoy off roading in luxury, a bright green AMG G Wagen was on display for those that wanted to have something different on the truck.

The highlight of our tour was the 2015 GLE a four door that looks like a coupe.  I happen to see this car in a body “in white’ at the Vance Alabama plant last fall. Also on display was the new Mercedes Maybach based on the S class platform with a price tag of $213,000. This version is 20cm longer than the S 600 with Magic Sky Control technology and Magic Body Control.

The accessories booth had items at a 20% discount from the normal retail prices which members took advantage. The ECO bikes, Smart cars and accessories with various available configurations were also on display.

The tour ended with a private visit to the Mercedes-Benz lounge where you had to show your Mercedes-Benz key fob to gain entrance and all Toronto members received a fir tree seedling ready for planting to commemorate the Smart Four Two electric cars that were on display. The new version of the Smart car has not arrived yet but those that wish to further protect the environment especially city dwellers are looking forward to seeing and driving the new car.

The show will move on to Quebec City, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver but they will use a different display layout. Certainly the Mercedes-Benz display was the most impressive in the show and readily visible as you entered the south hall

We look forward to the Tech session on April 18th at the Mercedes-Benz training center at the airport to learn more about the new models and technical features.

Doug Dees