It was good seeing everybody during our Mercedes-Benz TechSession on April 5th.  We had over 45 attendance and organizers which made it one of the biggest events yet.  The Team from Mercedes Benz Canada was well prepared and highlighted some of the new technologies and trends.  Seeing an open new generation transmission can be just about as exciting as being able to touch and feel an Tech-Prepared new generation S-class stuffed with the newest technologies in every conceivable spot in the car.  How could you imagine controllers and CPUs from nose to trunk to provide all the advanced safety and convenience features. 

While organizing such an event is certainly enjoyable, the greatest delight is to witness the large turnout and a great feedback from you the participants. Our team of the MBCA Toronto Section is very happy and wants to thank you for being part of the event and of course thanks go to Mercedes-Benz Canada for hosting and educating us.