April 26-27 was a mixed weekend at Mosport Park and provided great opportunity to learn and enjoy.  The weather started mixed with rain and cold but cleared up for Sunday. As usual the event is very well managed and is kept on a tight schedule so everybody gets their fair share of track and class room time.

With just over 120 participants the groups were defined by experience level from beginner all the way to Racers.  It is not a frequent occurrence that a Race School has one of the sessions during this event but adds to the fun watching them practice. While wet and cold caution is of utter importance and the teachers ensured a safe and fun driving environment.

First the schedule includes class room training for subjects such as safety processes on a track, control methods of the car including weight shift and energy dynamics.  A high degree of training once going on the track is focused on situation awareness from vehicle dynamics, weather and street conditions as well as your friendly partners.  Remember that while there are no speed limits your teacher will guide you to stay well within safe limits and to ensure that everybody stays out of each others way. On Sunday the day was nearly perfect – cool but sunny and dry.

The cool provided for a good performing environment for brakes and engine allowing for experiencing more of the potentials built into the machines.  A wide variety of cars attended including some Toyota and Mitsubishi’s, a wide range of BMW’s from 1 series to very fast M5’s and even a 7 series as well as many Mustangs, Porsche’s and Corvettes.  Unfortunately this time only one MB. Learning to master the car at the various speeds and conditions is a tremendous experience and translates into much more control over your car while driving in any condition.